Tattoo Aftercare

Aftercare for Tegaderm & Second Skin clear bandage

Tegaderm & Second Skin bandage is a breathable, flexible bandage for your tattoo that’s intended to lock in your body’s natural healing fluids while protecting it from all outside contact. Due to the fact that it’s permeable by air, it allows your skin to “breathe” and therefore is safe to leave on for up to two to three days following the tattoo procedure. Once removed, your tattoo has gone through a good deal of the healing process already, and should only have minimal peeling and flaking from there on out.

When you leave the shop with your bandage on, your job is essentially done for the next two to three days. Just keep an eye on it to make sure that the seal around the edges has not broken, allowing outside contact to your tattoo.

What to expect:

– It is completely normal for fluid to build up inside of the bandage, this is your body naturally working on healing your tattoo.

– While it may look a little slimy, it’s all as it should be! The only time you should remove your bandage is if the seal around the edges is broken or the bandage is punctured and exposes the tattoo.

– Tegaderm and Second Skin are technically waterproof, however, we still do not recommend prolonged exposure to water during this time, because it can weaken the adhesive.

– Showering with the bandage on is usually fine, especially if you try to pay special attention to keeping the bandage from being agitated too much.


1) After the two to three days, gently remove your bandage. Do this by starting at one corner and slowly pulling down, in the direction of hair growth. We recommend removing ii in the shower; the warm water will loosen the adhesive and will help it to peel off easily.

2) Once it’s removed, immediately wash your tattoo using a mild soap, such as Dial, Dove, Soft Soap, etc. Only use your clean bare hands when washing your tattoo, a washcloth or anything similar can be too abrasive. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

3) Now that it’s all clean, dry with a clean towel or paper towel and let it air dry for a few minutes. Once fully dry, apply a fragrance-free lotion, such as Aveeno Baby, Lubriderm or Curel. Apply a thin layer all over your tattoo and massage it in. Wash your tattoo 2-3 times daily for the first few days, apply a thin layer of unscented lotion 2-4 times daily with clean hands.

4) You may in addition to this routine fold 2-3 paper towels up and run them under warm water and squeeze out the excess water to make a compress to hold on your tattoo for a few minutes a day, it provides comfort and helps break up lingering blood plasma that can form scabs on your skin.

Classic Dri-Loc or Plastic Wrap bandage aftercare

What to expect:

Your tattoo will take about 2 weeks to heal. It will be tender for the first few days, it may develop light scabs and appear dry, this is OK! The scabs or dry skin will eventually flake off, don’t soak them in ointment or lotion, it’s important to let the tattoo be somewhat dry and breathe during this period. The tattoo may look light or discolored, this is normal, and part of the healing process. The last stage of healing your tattoo it may look shiny or waxy, that means its healing, great job!


1) Leave the bandage on for anywhere between 2-6 hours.

2) Wash your hands first then remove the bandage and do not re-bandage it. If the bandage feels stuck while removing it, soak It in warm water and it will help it slide off.

3) Wash the tattoo firmly, it will feel slimy, do your best to rinse away most of the sliminess (this is blood plasma, lessening the amount on the surface of your skin should reduce the chance of scabbing) using mild soap and warm water, rinse the tattoo off and pat dry. No scrubbing with a washcloth!

4) Keep the area clean and apply your favorite unscented, white lotion, or whatever your artist suggests to you. Don’t over lotion your tattoo, just a couple times a day should be sufficient. Avoid a sticky layer of lotion on your skin, enough to absorb into your tattoo should be sufficient. Make sure your hands are clean each time you touch your tattoo, washing them first is a must!

Do’s and Don’ts for healing tattoos:

You can shower as normal, but for the two week healing period, do not submerge or soak your tattoo in any way. No swimming, hot tubs or sauna, it will interfere with the healing process and could cause infection or scarring.

Don’t expose your tattoo to direct sunlight for the two week healing period, keep it covered with clothing. After your tattoo is healed please wear sunscreen on it to prevent fading and sun damage.

Don’t pick your tattoo, if you have scabbing, let them fall off naturally. If your tattoo itches, lightly wash it and put lotion on, that will help a lot.

If you have questions or concerns regarding healing please don’t hesitate to contact us!