How much does a piercing cost?

Our piercings are priced as a piercing fee plus the cost of jewelry. Because we offer such a wide array of jewelry selections the prices for jewelry can vary quite a bit, but jewelry for most piercings will start between $25 and $35. The best thing is to come into the studio so we can show you options and pick something that fits your style and budget.

That said!

  • Earlobe piercings- $50 for the pair $35 for a single
  • Most basic piercings- $35 each
  • Industrial piercings- $50
  • Genital piercings- $60
  • Jewelry insertions/changes- $10
  • Stretches- $15

Are your piercings walk-in only or appointment based?


Due to COVID all services will be offered on an appointment only basis for the time being. Piercing appointments can be made here: https://www.luckystattoo.org/piercing

Please make sure to have proper ID when you come in!

When do you typically stop taking piercings?


We currently offer piercings by appointment 12-8 seven days a week. We do occasionally have same day appointments available. Feel free to call and check with us about how the day is looking!

What are the age restrictions when it comes to piercings?

Age requirements vary between our Northampton and Boston studios. Please consult our booking page or contact the studio with any questions about age requirements. 

* Note that any minor getting pierced must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and must have proper identification and documentation.

What ID is required for a piercing service/jewelry change?

If you are over the age of 18 we need a valid, government issued photo ID. This can be a license, permit, passport, or government ID card (NO student IDs or social security cards).

For minors getting pierced regulations vary between studios. In both studios any minor getting pierced must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. The parent or guardian must have a government issued photo ID. In Northampton the minor must have a government issued photo ID (license, permit, passport) or birth certificate. In Cambridge the minor must have their birth certificate or guardianship papers and the parent or guardian must be listed to prove guardianship.

No one who is not the legal guardian of a minor may sign for them in either studio.

Does the piercing fee include jewelry?

Most basic piercings are $35 plus the cost of jewelry. Most basic jewelry starts between $25 and $35 depending on the specific piercing and goes up from there depending on how fancy you want to get!

Can I be pierced with my own jewelry?

Because we need to guarantee proper fit, metal quality, surface finish, and sterility to give you the safest experience possible we do not pierce with any outside jewelry. We have a ton of great options to choose from and can help you pick something you love when you come.

Can I return my jewelry if I no longer like it?

Body jewelry is non refundable and cannot be returned for any reason. We are happy to talk with you about your choice, or even insert your jewelry for you so we can make sure you are getting the exact fit and style you are hoping for!

Can I go swimming with a new piercing?

It is best not to swim with a new piercing as contaminants from the body of water can affect your healing process. Some piercings such as navels and nipples can be covered with a waterproof bandage during healing, other piercings should not be submerged during the healing process.

What are things to expect during the healing process?

Tenderness, bleeding, bruising, swelling, crusting, and itching are all normal during the healing process. If you have any questions or concerns about how a piercing is healing don’t hesitate to contact us!

If I think my piercing is infected should I check with a piercer or see a Doctor?

If you are having any issues with a piercing it is best to come in so we can take a look. Once we see the piercing in person we can decide what the best course of action is to get things headed in the right direction!

Can I special order jewelry?

Yes please! We would love to help you design your dream setup. We require a 50% deposit due at the time of ordering. Deposits for special orders are non-refundable. Please ask us about turnaround time for orders, as this can vary widely between companies.


Do you accept walk-ins or do I need to book an appointment?

We do tend to book up a bit in advance, but we take walk-ins whenever we have time available! Walk-ins are done on a first come first served basis, so it’s best to get in on the early side if you would like to get tattooed the same day.

An appointment will guarantee that we have time available when you would like to come in, so booking an appointment is a great idea if you have time constraints or are traveling to the shop.

You can also call or email any of our 3 locations to check about availability as well.

Main St. Northampton - 413-587-0004. luckysnoho@gmail.com

King St. Northampton - 413-570-4713. luckystattoostudios@gmail.com

Boston - 617-945-0317. luckysboston@gmail.com

What types of tattoos can be done on a walk-in basis?

The most common walk-in tattoos we do are generally around the size of the palm of your hand or smaller and relatively uncomplicated. If an artist has a large portion of the day open they may be able to do more complex tattoos on a walk-in basis, so it’s best to email or call with some details about what you would like and we can tell you if we have time to accommodate you. Good info to include is subject matter, size, and location.

What is required to get tattooed?

A valid photo ID proving you’re over the age of 18, and an idea of what you would like to get. We can use an image that you have as reference or draw something up just for you based on your idea!

Should I email the shop or the artists if I want to get a tattoo?

It depends! Some artists have their contact info posted on our website or their personal Instagram pages. That’s a good place to start.

If you can’t find that info, or don’t have a specific artist in mind feel free to contact our shops:

Main St. Northampton - 413-587-0004. luckysnoho@gmail.com

King St. Northampton - 413-570-4713. luckystattoostudios@gmail.com

Boston - 617-945-0317. luckysboston@gmail.com

We’d be glad to get you connected with an artist!

Feel free to email with an idea and our front end staff will help you choose the right artist for your project.

What is to be expected during the healing process for a tattoo?

Soreness, tenderness, peeling, and itching are all normal during the tattoo process. If you have any questions about how your tattoo is healing don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Do I have to leave a deposit when booking an appointment? If I decide to cancel do I get my deposit back?

We require a deposit for all tattoo appointments. The deposit ensures that in the event you don’t show up to your appointment, the artist is compensated for the time spent preparing for your appointment (drawing, setup, etc.)

As long as you show up on time to your appointment, your deposit will be subtracted from the cost of your tattoo.

If you cancel your appointment, show up 20 or more minutes late, or reschedule within 48 hours of your appointment, your deposit will be forfeited. You are allowed to reschedule your appointment in advance of the 48 hour window without forfeit.

How long should I expect to wait for a response when I email with a specific artist?

This varies! Some artists answer emails daily and you’ll likely hear back within 24-48 hours. Others organize their workflow differently and have specific days for answering emails and may take a bit longer. If you don’t hear back within a week, send a follow up email or contact the shop to make sure that artist is currently taking appointments.

We definitely understand that you’re excited to hear back from us and will be sure to get back to you as soon as we can!

Do you have a minimum or an hourly rate?

Lucky’s minimum is $100

Lucky’s hourly is $150

Some tattoos are priced by the piece, as different variables (e.g.- size, location, level of detail) will affect pricing as well. Feel free to reach out to the studio with pricing questions about your specific tattoo ideas, we are happy to provide a quote for you.

Can I go swimming with a new tattoo?

Unfortunately, no! Keep that sweet new ink out of the water during healing. Showers are fine, but you do not want to submerge your new tattoo. You can ask your artist about recommended times to avoid swimming as different tattoos will have different healing times.

Is there anything I need to do prior to being tattooed?

Get rest, drink plenty of water, and have a meal with some carbs and protein. Make sure you bring your ID and comfy clothes don’t hurt either.

If you’d like, bring a friend, but it’s always ok to come solo too!