Hi, I’m Tara! I’ve been working in the shop for three years. I recently graduated with a bachelor degree in painting and I worked at Lucky’s for most of my time in college! 

Working in the Industry has afforded me the pleasure of meeting amazing customers and coworkers over the years, which I’m the most thankful for 🙂

On top of that, body art practices are constantly evolving; with new artists and jewelry makers innovating every day it means my job is always exciting!

 It’s also through my personal experiences with piercings and tattoos that I’ve learned so much regarding consent, endurance, trust, self expression, and self love. 

In terms of jewelry, my favorite stone is a toss up between London Blue Topaz and Citrine right now! And my favorite jewelry style is, simply put, anything made by Pupil Hall. 

Outside of the shop I spend most of my time with my puppy-Sedona, and two kitties-Luna and Bindi. I also love going roller skating with my buds, rewatching Schitt’s Creek, and playing video games with my partner! 

Instagram: @tara_cottapot